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The rescaled measures range from 0 to 1 and are tied to their respective membership thresholds and crossover points. The Inclusion algorithm described in Ragin (2000) is the one used in most previous analyses using fuzzy sets. However, this algorithm circumvents the creation of a truth table and thus Mar 13, 2015 · The standard deviation of the five gene sets in a subset of animals was calculated based on the average z-score of the gene expression values of the five genes in a gene set by using the corresponding formula in Microsoft Excel. Cluster analysis was carried out by using the “K-Means Cluster” function in SPSS 19.0 with default settings and ... I rescaled the Wolfgang rankings to be in a range of 1-14, same as Jerry’s, instead of 1-25. Doing a more deep dive into the Wolfgang questions, there are definately different levels in the nature of the questions you can tease out. Folks clearly take into account both harm to the victim and total damages/theft amounts. Rescaled range analysis is a means of characterizing a time series or a one-dimensional (1-D) spatial signal that provides simultaneously a measure of variance and of the Rescaled range analysis has poor convergence properties, requiring about 2,000 points for 5% accuracy and 200 for 10% accuracy.